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Electric Motor Rewinding

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  • ABB
    Wide range of low and high voltage electric motors.
  • CMG
    Manufacture a range of electric motors to suit many applications.
    Produces single and three phase motors.
  • WEG
    One of the world's largest manufacturers of electric motors.
  • TECO
    Electric motors to suit many applications.
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    Authorised Service Centre.

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WEG Electric motors

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  • IP66
  • FC200 Cast Iron frame with solid integrated feet
  • Class H insulation with Class B temperature rise
  • VSD compatible, spike resistant WISE® insulation
  • Service factor 1.15
  • E3 efficiency – AS/NZS1359.5-2004 High Efficiency with optional Super High Efficiency E3+
  • Flat efficiency curve from 75% to 100% load to maximise energy savings
  • High Locked Rotor Torque values providing the ability to start high inertia loads
  • Improved fan cowl , fin design and extended frame area contributing to a reduced thermal footprint
  • Reduced noise pressure levels
  • Patented WSeal® consisting of a V-ring with double lip enclosed by a metallic cap, from 225 frame and above
  • Extended lubrication intervals through improved endshield design and reduced bearing temperatures
  • Efficient lubrication system to improve grease passages to and from the motor bearings
  • Oversized, cast iron terminal box
  • Flat surfaces for vibration monitoring

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All our work complies with Australian Standards.
With a team of experienced technicians in the fields of Electric Motor Rewind and Pump Repair we can provide a solution for your Pump or Electric Motor problem.

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